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Featured Unsigned Recording Artist – Rankin Scroo

Rankin Scroo & Ginger – Unsigned Music Artist

International Reggae Artist

Rankin’ Scroo was born and raised in Jamaica. Music has always been the focus of his life. From his earliest days singing in church to his teenage years as a “DJ-Toaster” (reggae rapper), he achieved recognition throughout Jamaica as a talented musician.New York City became Rankin’s first home abroad where he performed with numerous sound systems and live bands. His vitality and intensity of expression carried his artistry from the Atlantic to the Pacific, pioneering reggae music in the Hawaiian Islands where he formed “Crucial Youth Productions”, his recording studio and band.In Hawaii, Rankin met Ginger and the two began to write and perform together. Their unique blend of musical backgrounds and vocals created the highly acclaimed reggae duo, “Rankin’ Scroo & Ginger”, and pioneered the sound now recognized worldwide as Jawaiian music.For the past fifteen years, their releases and live performances have astounded crowds worldwide, from Jamaica to Europe and all over North America. As Joe Aytch of Jah Works says, “Scroo always has a surprise or two up his sleeve, brings the best musicians available, and puts on the best show of any of the local or regional bands around.”


Rankin’ Scroo and Ginger have won numerous awards and honors for their works and are highly regarded as veteran performers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their songs enjoy regular rotation in Jamaica and Hawaii to this day.Rankin’ settled in the Bay Area and brought Crucial Youth with him. He is a highly sought after musical composer whose creative arrangements have enhanced the words and melodies of many major label artists such as Black Uhuru, Foundation Frankie Paul, 2-Crucial, Money-B and Com-Pleks.Rankin’s musical versatility has given birth to reggae rhythms and vocal styles that transcend this musical category. Urban Reggae is the genesis of Rankin’s diverse musical influences. This cutting edge style masterfully blends Reggae Dancehall, Hip-Hop, and R&B in to a sound that has mass crossover appeal. Godfada is Rankin’s latest release. This album serves not only as an introduction to Urban Reggae but also to Rankin’ Scroo as a solo artist.Godfada features tracks like “Girl Talk” the single for the album, which is sure to penetrate the charts, rising up from the streets. “Ridin West” and “Wyleside” appeal to the well established Hip-Hop/R&B and Hip-Hop/Dancehall markets respectively. Songs like “California Gangsta” and “Lyrical Tongue” ensure Rankin’s core Dancehall audience will view this album as an instant hit. On the soulful “Pride,” Rankin delivers the knowledge and spiritually uplifting message that has made him a household name in the Reggae community. From the first note to the last echo, this album flows lyrically and musically. Rankin calls this Urban Reggae.Rankin is now working on his latest offering SOLID. A showcase of Rankin Scroos authentic Jamaican sound and style. A work for all music lovers, SOLID portrays Rankins passion for music as we explore his life experiences and revelations. SOLID is a shining example of Rankins musical genius, and is poised to capture the market in Jamaica and subsequently in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Rankin delivers the knowledge and spiritually uplifting message that has made him a house hold name in the reggae community consistently on this album. From the first note to the last echo, this album flows lyrically and musically through a tapestry of style and emotion that makes SOLID a must have, must hear CD.

Urban Reggae

On his album “Godfada”, Rankin Scroo pioneered the infusion of dancehall and dub Reggae with rap and hiphop street influences. He has since been perfecting his technique, working with many of today’s hot Rap and Hip-hop artists such as E-40, B-Legit, Too Short, and Tha Massie.”Act A Ass”, Rankin’s song with E-40 on the “Breaking News” album, has catapulted the Godfada into the mainstream once again, bringing a whole new generation of fans into his circle. Rankin is also featured on the title track, “Breaking News”. His song, “Bust Yo S**t” is on the new E-40 album, modestly entitled, “The Best of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”Rankin has also hooked up with Mugzi, E-40’s brother, on his “Lifestyles of the Disobayish” album. Vallejo’s newest artist, Turf Talk, has collaborated with Rankin for his new CD, “The Street Novelist”.Rankin is also featured on the new E-40 release Sick Wid It Umbrella compillation: “Fedi” – “Hoe S**t Lead To Mo Sh**t.”He has also recorded “Freakalistic” with Keak da Sneak and CD projects with Ty Qwan, “the R Kelley of the Bay Area”. Rankin is extremely blessed and encouraged to be working n the cutting edge of the Bay Area Rap/hip-hop scene. ‘Nuff respect!Background Music for the movies:”Take Heed” – Men At Work – starring Emilio Estevez & Charlie Sheen”Act a Ass” – Be Cool – starring John Travolta For information – Bookings Regarding this Artist:(951) 



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