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Are you a Blogger and would like to see your Blog Post appear on this site and others within our network of sites, to reach a new audience and secure a strong link and presence on reputable sites? If approved, your post/blog article can!

Create Links – Drive Traffic to Your Website

What you will receive when you purchase this product/service:

  • Your article/post published on this site for 365 days;
  • Locked in renewal price of only $19.99 for subsequent years (live post only);
  • If applicable, your post/blog, will also be placed into and blasted out from at least one (1) other niche site that we have within our network; including, but not limited to: boxing, real estate, insurance, music, etc;
  • Your article/post will immediately be blasted out in newsletter form to our subscriber base – from this website – which numbers in the tens of thousands;
  • Your article/post will immediately be submitted on its own (it’s page URL) to more than 100 major and minor search engines for indexing;
  • You will be able to submit five (5) images with your post;
  • Your article/post will be added to our website’s site map and rolling blog menu;
  • Your article/post will be shared – within 48 hours of publishing – on social media sites like: Facebook LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest and Reddit;
  • Your article/post will come with a contact form for you to receive replies and feedback;
  • Your article/blog post will be SEO optimized for greater visibility and traffic

If interested, submit your blog article/post below and if approved, we will give you the green light to pay and have it published for 1 year or more!



Guest Blogging/Posting @ $79.99

(If approved, your Blog/Post will appear for 365 days and you will have the option to renew every year thereafter @ $19.99)

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