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4 Types of Coverage to Protect your Next Trip

by Adriana’s Insurance

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, traveling on vacation is a riskier routine than most people realize. It’s easy to plan for the fun and leisure you expect to enjoy, but ignoring the possibility of accidents and mishaps sets the stage for a host of avoidable problems. People can fall ill while on vacation for example. Or they can encounter theft and loss of property. Almost everyone has a horror story or two about misplaced wallets, reckless baggage handlers, stolen cameras, or even cracked cell phones while on vacation. The farther away the journey is from home, the more important it is to make sure you are protected from being stranded under difficult circumstances. Travel insurance certainly can’t prevent bad things from happening. It can, however, soften the blow of having to make difficult decisions suddenly in a strange environment.

Travel Insurance refers to insurance coverage that is specifically designed to supplement or provide monetary compensation for costs related to medical treatment, lost property, accidents, trip cancellation and other calamities that occur while traveling domestically or abroad. There are four main types of coverage related to travel insurance:

1. Emergency Medical Coverage
2. Personal Effects Coverage
3. Trip Cancellation Coverage
4. Accidental Death Coverage

Emergency Medical Coverage
Medical coverage related to travel insurance specifically targets emergency healthcare situations in which travelers have to seek treatment from unfamiliar health care providers. Emergency medical coverage can offer compensation for expenses such as hospital stays, minor treatment, or special travel accommodations like air-lifting and general evacuation. Emergency medical coverage is perhaps the most important reason people should purchase travel insurance because needing medical treatment outside of your medical provider network can happen over even the simplest decisions… like going for it on that plate of sautéed frog’s legs.

2. Personal Effects Coverage
Can you imagine spending days taking the perfect selfies on location only to lose your phone to a pickpocket? Or shopping for a treasure trove of exotic clothes only to have an airline lose your luggage on the way home? There’s a sinking feeling in the pit of your belly that happens when you lose something valuable. That feeling doesn’t have to be there though with personal effects coverage. Personal effects coverage related to travel insurance provides travelers with a financial consolation in the event that their possessions are stolen, damaged or lost during a trip. This type of coverage requires subscribers to provide their insurers with a detailed inventory of personal belongings. Because personal effects coverage is also featured in policies for homeowners and renters insurance, it’s important to confirm whether there is any overlapping coverage before opting to purchase it under travel insurance.

3. Trip Cancellation Coverage
We’ve all been there. The tickets were bought, the rental was booked, the hotel reservations were locked in, and out of nowhere, boom – a change of plans makes following through impossible. It’s painful to watch all those Mai Tais at the beach you daydreamed of just vanish into thin air. Canceled plans are the worst but there’s an easy way to get your cash back even in the tightest emergencies. Trip cancellation coverage is an option under travel insurance that provides financial reimbursement for situations where passengers are compelled to abandon their travel plans unexpectedly. This could happen for any number of reasons. For instance, an accident could make it necessary to go home as soon as possible, or a natural disaster could make traveling to a desired destination out of the question. During such events, having coverage that reimburses subscribers for the unused portion of their travel provides a cushion against losing money over squandered bookings.

4. Accidental Death Coverage
Accidental death coverage related to travel insurance provides financial support in the event of bereavement during travel. It gives subscribers the option to facilitate transportation and burial needs that would otherwise create strain for friends and family who bear the responsibility of organizing funeral arrangements. As is the case with personal effects coverage, it’s important to confirm whether there’s any overlap between accidental death policies and any life insurance policy you may currently have.

Travel insurance varies based on the intended destination and duration of travel. Nonetheless, the more elaborate the trip, the more important it is to protect oneself from the possibility of suffering preventable financial losses. For more information, visit any of our offices or give us a call at 1-800-639-7654 to find out how Adriana’s Insurance Services can help you secure comprehensive coverage that caters to your unique needs.

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