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Is Facebook Advertising Cost Effective for the Service Industry?

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The Effectiveness of Facebook Advertising Explained


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Answered by Tommy Sevilla from Sevilla Local Media –

I would definitely say “yes”.

Facebook allows you to set your own budget, as little as $1 per day and also allows you to pinpoint your service area, as well as your demographic. With an effective ad and sensible parameters, with a reasonable budget, you are able to achieve referrals to your website or phone calls to a designated phone number for service calls.

Facebook, since they own Instagram, allows you to also show your ad on both social media platforms and what is great about creating an ad or “boosting a post” and having Facebook & Instagram syndicating it widely, you can edit the ad/post at anytime, lower or increase the budget and also share the ad/post more widely to relevant groups, your timeline or pages, for a broad organic reach, along with Facebook’s paid reach. We do this exceedingly well and get the most for our clients.

We currently manage Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ads for the fastest growing independent insurance agency in the nation and combined with the effective and phenomenally successful SEO we have done for them for 5 years now, we are blessed to be a part of their growth from 46 locations to their current 67, with all things working together synergistically.

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