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BLOG: Plumbing Companies

How to Start a Plumbing Business from Scratch


Starting a plumbing business has never been an easy thing to do. Apart from knowledge and skills, the business requires passion to grow and flourish. After registering your business, you need to obtain a plumbing business license.

Here are some of the best tips about starting a plumbing business successfully and profitably:

1. Develop a good reputation.

Undeniably, business competition is raging and establishing a highly reputable name in this business is vital for survival. Many small companies are having a difficult time competing with big companies which have already established a good name in this business.

Word of mouth is one of the best and cheapest promotional strategies a company can ever have. By offering great quality service to certain customers, it can bring some referrals which can increase your business’ profit. In most cases, by getting the loyalty of one influential customer, you can begin serving the whole community. When this happens, you become the community’s plumber.

Know who your loyal customers are and make sure to give them exemplary quality service always. Offer discounts and free services to avoid losing them. Perhaps you can give free plumbing inspections at least once a year to keep loyal customers.

2. Make your competitors as your friends.

In most cases, competition occurs, but it helps if you can make friends with your competitors. There are instances where you cannot render service to your clients. Instead of turning down the customer’s request, refer them to the nearest best plumbing business you know. You never know, the favor might be returned later on. Also, you never disappoint a client, which is good for the business.

3. Skills, knowledge, and expertise are necessary.

Just like any other business, starting a plumbing business requires a deep sense of knowledge and skills on how the services are rendered. It would always be best to start as an apprentice before starting a plumbing business. At the start of the business, you can start working in the business, and when it progresses, you can start working on the business.

4. Settle on your desired target market.

Know the people who can help your business grow. Make a list of potential contacts that will most likely need your service. Contact the local builders and realtors as they know people and places that require plumbing works.

5. Get the services of expert technicians.

The technician’s skills, abilities and knowledge should be assessed before their employment. Afterall, they will be done who would work directly with the clients. Therefore, they should possess the necessary skills and experience required to satisfy the client.

6. Make sure to apply for a fleet insurance.

Getting a fleet insurance is one of the best moves to take when running a fleet business. It helps in protecting the business against any financial difficulties brought about by some risks and perils.


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